Celeste (Director)

Celeste has always loved dancing. She took 2 years of modern dance classes and taught Medieval and Renaissance dancing through the SCA (Society for a Creative Anachronism) for about 10 years. However, it wasn't until she discovered belly dance that she found a dance form that was truly satisfying for her. She started taking classes in her hometown of Quebec City, Canada in 1995, with Francine Morneau. She learned a blend of Egyptian and Turkish belly dance for the next 5 years. Celeste took a 4-year break from belly dance, during which she moved to Indianapolis IN. In the Fall of 2004, the belly dance bug bit her again and she started taking formal classes with Jaleela Saleem.

The ITS and tribal fusion aesthetics attracted Celeste and she became one of the founding members of Black Rose Caravan and has been their director since 2005. As director, Celeste has created Black Rose Caravan's signature style, which is based on American Tribal Style (ATS) moves as well as anything that she stumbled upon in her travels that she happened to like. The result is an unexpected mix of ATS and Tribal Fusion. Visit http://celestebellydance.com for information on Celeste's classes.

Parvaneh (Webmistress)

I started taking belly dancing classes in 2003. Until then, I'd never taken any dance training. I had admired the strength, grace and femininity in belly dance and wanted to experience that for myself. I've learned a lot about dance and about myself since that first class! Since starting this journey, I've taken classes through continuing education offerings and also was a member of the Desert Winds in Indianapolis.

I was thrilled when Jaleela mentioned starting tribal dance classes. I am so glad she did! I've been with Black Rose Caravan since its inception in 2005. I think our tribe has an incredible energy about it and I really enjoy dancing with my tribe sisters. Jaleela is an exceptional teacher and dancer, and it is as much a joy to learn from her as it is to watch her dance. Her extensive knowledge of dance and its history has taught me much and inspired me to learn more.

I support my dance habit by working as a nurse. I also enjoy sewing costumes for dance performances and going to Renaissance Faires around the Midwest.


Ocasa first danced under the name Suri. Taking her first belly dance class as a fun and interesting exercise class with Jaleela Saleem, Ocasa was hooked. She fell in love with the grace, power and artistic expression she found in belly dance. She first learned Cabaret style belly dance but was soon drawn to ITS and tribal fusion. Ocasa continues to define and develop her individual dance style.

As a founding member of Black Rose Caravan, Ocasa enjoys dancing the fusion style that is unique to Black Rose with her dance sisters. She enjoys the camaraderie shared with her dance sisters while rehearsing and performing in an improvisational setting. She enriches her dance by continuing her dance education by attending workshops offered by local and nationally known instructors. Ocasa has been belly dancing since 2003.

Kat (Public Relations)

I have been studying tribal belly dance with members of BRC since (uh) 2005 and was invited to join the tribe in spring of 2007. I took a year and half off while working abroad to study tribal fusion styles with instructors from Ireland, England and Germany. I continue to develop my dance education by attending dance workshops around the USA.

Gabi (New Member)

Bio Coming Soon!

Akilah bint Bahirah (Artist/Webmistress)

I had my first bellydance class in November 2004 and it became The Pastime That Ate My Life. Dancing with Black Rose has been an absolute pleasure; not only is the dance fun and challenging, but troupe works together in a supportive atmosphere that is a definite help for the less experienced among us (that's me, by the way!). I enjoy the dance for it's beauty, the fun of interacting with other dancers, and let's face it, where else am I going to get the chance to balance a sword on my head?

When not occupying myself with bellydance, I work at a medical diagnostics company as a research scientist. I also have a rotating set of hobbies - sewing, drawing, and origami.

All photographs this page courtesy of Carrie Meyer The Dancer's Eye - Bellydance Photography by Carrie Meyer